Why Does My Tile shower smell like body odor?

Why Does My Tile shower smell like body odor?

You are returning home after a hectic day at the office, jamming to your favorite music and moving towards the shower. Suddenly, stink hit your nose. The reason behind these stinks might be lack of shower traps, biofilm buildup, clogged system, or the wet walls can be the reason for getting the bad smell.

Why does my shower is smelling like my body odor? Due to bacterial causes your shower is smelling like that.

Some smelling test will tell you the solution. For sewer smells you can add vinegar and baking soda. Mildew odor can be removed by bleaching. To know the very exact cause you need to test the smells and get the solution below to remove the odor.  Without any delay, let’s get into the discussion.

Why Smells Bad?

There have been a lots of reasons for stinks and smells. A smelly shower might disturb you about cleanliness. We have tried to figure out all the possible reasons for a smelly tile shower. Try to get what happened with your tile shower and get a preferable solution to erase it.

Drain Clogs

The drain might be clogged due to excess minerals deposits, dirty materials, soap scums, hair falls. Most of the time drain clogs combine all these. These combine and make it a solidus state in the drain. As a result, the drainage system gets off from working properly and a bad smelly tile shower problem arises then. So if you have doubts about the drain clogs, then do a check to confirm it

Dry P-Trap

If you sense a smell like sewer, then it might be for a dirty p-trap. Because of all the accumulated soap scum, mineral deposits, sands can create a bad smell in the drain pipe. As P-trap is directly connected with the main stack, if it gets clogged then a bad odor may come from the shower.

Biofilm build-up

A basic reason can be biofilm buildup. Because biofilm is installed in shower leading to a musty, odor. If the smell is like mildew, then it is because biofilm increases mould or biofilm inside the shower pipe or in the drain. Biofilm can be created from the colony of bacteria inside the shower pipe.

Leakage in pipes

If the connected shower pipe is leaked, then a sewer smell will come. Sometimes you notice that all the reasons explained before are not going with your problem. Then it might be leaking pipe inside the wall or beneath the shower which you can’t identify by yourself. These leaky pipes carry funky odors which are hydrogen sulphide smells like a sewer or rotten eggs.

How to Remove Tile Shower Smell

As you have come to know about the probable reason for shower smells so get into the solution. We came up with some affordable solutions to remove smells from shower tile. You can go with the DIY solution or a professional solution. Let’s discuss two easy solutions to remove smelly shower drains.

1.  Bleaching powder

If the shower drain gets clogged, then take 1 part of bleaching powder. Hydrogen peroxide is the best clearing agent in the bleaching category. Pour it into the opening of the shower drain pipe. After pouring bleaching powder, add some hot water to it. And cover the drain cover. Because it will fezzes when bleaching powder gets with hot water. It will remove the dirt lining on the wall of the pipe. But many homeowners do not use chlorine bleaching because of the ecological effects. But don’t be worried about it.

2. Baking soda and Vinegar

The second most effective DIY is using baking soda and vinegar. Take one cup of baking soda and pour it into the shower pipe. After it, add one cup of white vinegar with that. Cover the drain cover to avoid any harmful reaction. After some time add some hot water into the shower pipe. It will remove the odor of smelly drain as well as the drain clogged.

3. Steam

Using a steam machine can add extra value and less effort to remove the odor. Because if you use steam, you don’t need to add bleach or vinegar to remove the mould from the pipe. You can kill 90% of the bacteria which creates the biofilm problem in the shower pipes. Use steam with upholstery and scrub it rounding over the floor to remove dusty mould.

4. Call for an expert

If you are not able to find what is going on then call a plumber or professional plumber to check if there is any leakage in the wall. If they get any then repair it. They will cut the shower wall and will find the problem which you can’t do.


  • Do not use Delta sliding doors. Because they have rubber stoppers which may spread the bad smell when the temperature goes high.
  • Try to rub the shower tiles wall once a week. Because water vapours and dirt get combined and get stuck in the wall. Which is the reason for the smelly shower. try to keep the shower tiles dry most times.
  • Use some bathroom fresheners to keep the shower in a breathable condition.


Question: If my pipe is leaked, does it cost more?

Answer: Kind Of. It will be expensive as you will need to call a plumber to repair it.

Question: Do vinegar and baking soda create eye and hand-burning situations?

Answer: As they are chemicals so there might be some burning issues. try to wear gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself.

Final Verdicts

Once you can find the problem, there are a lot of solutions to solve it. Regular cleaning in tiles can help you to avoid bacterial growth in the shower tiles. Because of a bacterial colony, a foul odor comes from the tiles. Do a deep cleaning with hot water and detergent to scrub it regularly. Vinegar solution is another priority solution to remove the smell from shower tiles. So avail the solution to make a smell-free shower.

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