How to Remove Trex Decking

How to Remove Trex Decking

Removing a Trex deck is hard. Because there are no gaps between the Trex deck. Trex decking is too good to get a well-furnished wall or floor but whenever you want to remove a board it gets harder. Most people face problems with different sizes of screws. Some screws are square-shaped, some are star types.

Is it possible to remove the Trex decking board? You can remove the Trex deck both by cutting the board and by not cutting the board.

If you just only remove one or two Trex decks then follow the hacks by not cutting the board. Or if you want to remove all the decks from replacing them then follow the second hack below.

Whichever you follow to remove the Trex deck, you have to start from the edge of the Trex deck board to remove the Trex deck. Let’s move to the procedure of how you could be able to remove Trex decking boards with less hassle.

Equipments to Remove Trex Deck

You will need some essential equipment to remove the Trex deck board.

Those are-

  • Start Clips
  • Universal Fastener
  • Driller
  • Oscillating Blade
  • Plank
  • Crowbar

Let’s have the start here,

Unscrew Hidden Fasteners by not cutting the board

Removing the Trex deck is very tricky and if you are not skilled enough then you will leave it causing damage to the deck. Releasing the hidden fastener screw’s grooves from the deck.

As hidden fasteners are effortless and quick installation tools so most people remove the screws first. But this is more time-consuming and sometimes you won’t get the exact result that you want. Regardless if you want to try it out, Let’s have some steps that will show you how to remove the Trex deck board by not cutting the board.

  1. Unscrew some hidden fasteners from two or more adjacent decks to remove the deck you want. So That the desired deck gets some space to come out.
  2. Once the Trex deck got loose, slightly pry it from the board. Use a crowbar to lift the deck. So that you don’t need to lift the whole board. Trex decking has soft screws like football, so it is easier to cut off the screws to remove the Trex deck. Use an oscillating blade to cut the screws. An oscillating blade is the most versatile tool to cut off the screw. Remove the Trex deck synchronously with safety and precaution.
  3. If you want to remove all the Trex deck, then repeat the procedure. To replace the Trex deck, the same procedure should be in reverse flow. There should be end-to-end and width-to-width gaps between the Trex deck while you are going to reinstall the Trex deck. Approximately 3mm-5mm gap is required.Otherwise, inside of the Trex deck, there will be a dam.

Remove Trex Deck by Cutting the Board

You can remove the Trex deck board by cutting an edge if you want to replace all the decks. To remove the Trex decking by cutting board, follow below steps

  1. Measure the width of the board from where you want to cut it off. Use chalk or crayon to mark the two parallel straight line points to make it straight to cut it off.
  2. After marking the line, use a circular saw to cut the deck from the point of reference. One thing should be kept in mind that you are neither cutting from the joist nor the decking frame. Only cut the marking areas.
  3. Lift the centerpieces by using a prying tool or by laying planking. Then try to find out the hidden clip to unscrew them. If you are not reaching them then slightly press the board upward with mild pressure.
  4. After lifting the cutting pieces and Trex deck from the place, you can again replace them. For setting them again in series, you have to place the Trex deck and tighten the screws with tools. As you have cut down the hidden fastener, you will need some composite screws to fit them.

Cleaning After Removing Trex Deck

There must have been some damages or scratches on the Trex deck while you tried to remove them. Sometimes a hard line gets permanent on the Trex deck.  Or if you are looking for a cleansing guideline then here is the process.

Soapy Warm Water

Warm water with soap or detergent mixture can add extra value to the cleansing. Because soap contains hydroxide which removes the dirt from the board. Use a soft bristle brush to clean the dirt from the deck. Rub the floor with the bristle brush by rounding the head over the floor.

Using A Pressure Washer

It’s a general process of cleaning a composite deck like Trex decking. Get a pressure washer not more than 3100 psi and have attached a fan with that. Clean and rinse thoroughly over the decking. Don’t close the fan towards the Trex decking board.

Use Vinegar Solution

Sometimes chalk, crayon marks remain permanently on the Trex decking board. To remove those stains, use a vinegar solution to get a stainless Trex decking. After applying vinegar, you can dry the floor with a blower dryer. And polish the decking with a deck softener or brightener.


Question: Which tool has an easy option to unscrew?

Answer: A drill chuck technique is an easy option to unscrew the screw of the Trex decking.

Question: Can the Trex deck be replaced by a patio?

Answer: No. You can incorporate the patio with Trex but can not replace it with a patio.

Question: Patio or decking, which one is affordable?

Answer: Decking is more affordable than the patio. Trex decking has low maintenance and easy installation with hidden fasteners.

Final Verdict

Removing a Trex deck is not everyone’s cooking. This needs expertise. If you are not able to do it then my recommendation is to call for an expert to remove it. Otherwise, you can cause huge damages to Trex decking. Get some shovels, planks, screws, driller machine, driver to fix the Trex deck. Apparently, it is hard to remove the Trex deck but also not impossible.

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