How to Block Light From Door Gaps

How to Block Light From Door Gaps

Every story has another part. You like airy and enlightened rooms but you feel uneasy and uncomfortable with this when you need a profound sleep at day or overnight. A blackout room is very urgent for a sound sleep after you finish a hectic workload. If the light is bothering you then this is gonna be a serious issue at that time to you. So We have testified some hacks for you. Let’s start with the details below.

The Hacks to Block Light from Door

We are going to divide the solution into two sections – Temporary and Permanent solutions to make it easier. Whenever we try to find any remedy, we go for a temporary or permanent solution.

To know which solution we need to fix for the problem, firstly we will need to find out the place from where light is coming. Sometimes, light comes from a tiny point from the upper side of the door. Then you can simply cover the tiny hole with a hanging cloth.

And at some point, the doors have a gap from the floor. From that gap more lights come into the room. On the basis of where the light is coming from in the room, let’s discuss the remedies you can acquire.

Temporary Hacks

If you are too busy or have a short time in hand and are expecting a nap at midnight but a light ray is coming from the door gap, of course it will be annoying to you and you will desperately seek a solution to stop the light. Well, you can try to cover the door with a blanket.

In that case, choose the blanket size according to the length of the door. So that it covers the door from the bottom to top. Also, choose a heavy type blanket that can prevent light ray penetration. For example, synthetic or thin blankets will not be helpful.

A slide-in-door drafter is another temporary solution you can apply. Get a door drafter and adjust it with the door. But it will not give you a long-term benefit as it has sponges beneath the door. In replace of slide-in-door, you can add a big towel making it a rolling stick and keep it beneath the door gaps

Other than the temporary hacks, you want a permanent solution to stop the light coming from the door gaps. Then go with the permanent solution I discuss below-

Permanent Hacks

Most peace-loving people want a permanent solution to any problem. If you want to get rid of this forever, our suggestion is go for the permanent solution we have. As it’s about the room, permanent remedies will be fruitful. Let’s discuss the ways you can stop natural lights coming from the door. And also have some ideas about a door drafter for the room.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are the best for privacy control, light control and also work as room decor materials. If your room has a door that has a gap in between the elbow line of the door, hang some blackout curtains to avoid extra light. Regular curtains do not control the light strongly.

Blackout shades like roman and roller shades are strongly helpful to avoid extra light coming from the door gaps. You can also hang the curtains on windows so that extra light will bleed less. If there is no point in hanging the curtains over the door then add a curtain rod over the door and hang a preferable curtain.

In the case of the glass doors, vertical blinds for sliding will help a lot to solve the light and sunray problem. Glass doors have less privacy, as well as more light, from that. Solve the problem by adding a blackout cloth keeping the similarities with glass shadow. 

The vertical cellular shade will add some extra value to control the natural light. Window shades offer good coverage from top to bottom. To cover a sliding glass door, a plantation shutter will be the best and most timeless hack.

 Add A Velcro Strip

Draft blocker or velcro strip is an amazing working way to avoid light entering your room from the gaps. Take a draft blocker to block the door gaps. Adjust the tube lining at the bottom of the door, so hold the adhesive part away from the door.

Cover the gap with full alignment and attach it back to the door. You can add thumbtacks for the additional clinch.

Before using a velcro strip check the previous weather stripping. You can change the weather stripping or simply do some DIY hacks to avoid unwanted light. To do so take an unused by-cycle tube to stick at the bottom of the door. Make sure that the door is openable. But do remember one thing about the measurement of the strips is adjustable with the door gaps width.

 Try Door Sweep

Most people prefer a door sweep if there is a gap in between the floor and door. Take a measured door sweeper and get some screws as well. Cut it according to the length of the door and fix it making it aligned with the door.

Except for the door sweeper, you can fix the loose screws for which there is a door gap strip. Besides the door sweeper, you can choose weather stripping to adjust to the door.


  1. Can I use white clay to block the door gap?

Answer: White clay can be an option but it’s not worth it. Try to avoid it.

  1. Will weather stripping be good to adjust the door gap from the frame?

 Answer: Yes, definitely it will adjust the gap. Get the matched color weather stripe for the door.

  1. Which colours are preferable for blackout curtains?

Answer: All deep colours like black, navy blue, dark type colours should have preference for the room

Final Verdict

If you don’t care about noise, blackout curtains can help you avoid light coming through the door gap. Making the room darker by fixing the blackout lining will make the room darker than it was before. Try to avoid french doors at your home. Get some best draft stoppers from the shop and enjoy the room that you want. And think rationally about how to mix the techniques and get an extraordinary hack from you to stop the light coming from the door side.

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