10 Best Sewer Cameras for The Money

A common issue that occurs in sewer maintenance is frequently occurring blockages. Sometimes there is an unpleasant smell emitting from your sewer drains or there might even be tree roots piercing your pipes.

There are various reasons why you might be facing

But calling a plumber every time to look into it can be both expensive and very stressful. The better option is to try to fix the issue by yourself. And to do that, the best product is a sewer camera.

A sewer camera goes through your pipeline to take images or video footage of your drains to help you locate the problem. In this article, we have listed down the 10 best sewer cameras for the money in 2022.

We are going to look into each individual product in greater detail as well as compare its pros and cons. So what are you waiting for? Keep on reading!

Best sewer camera- Anysun 50m/165ft Drain Pipe Inspection Cameras

  • Dimensions : 19 x 17 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight : 6.9KG/15.29LB
  • Size : 165FT
  • battery : 12V 4500MMA

Sewer line cameras can be a game-changer when it comes to your plumbing problem. In the past, it was a huge issue when there were blockages in the line system. A plumber would often have to dig up your whole drainage system to locate a minute block.

Sewer cameras save you a lot of time and hassle in that regard. And the Anysun inspection cameras are no less. They are one of the best sewer cameras out there.

If you have been looking through different snake camera listings, it is evident that you have come across this name. Countless homeowners, as well as plumbers, trust this name brand.

This camera comes with a great screen and a cord length of 165 feet. This is an easy navigator for pipelines with a lot of twists and turns and it also allows owners of bigger homes to detect blockage issues easily.

One charge can easily last up to 9 hours of continuous use. It is also suitable for professional purposes since the charge lasts as long as a full working day. It also comes with a storage of 8GB. In case you fail to figure out the cause of the blockage, this feature comes in handy.

You can always go back and review the video footage as many times as you want until you figure out the root of the problem.

The 7 inches LED screen offers a multi-color display with a sun visor on top for comfort and ease of use. It comes with a stainless steel case for easy storage and portability.

Despite the slight inconveniences, this is a product that is standard for any house owner and it has some amazing bells and whistles. You really can’t go too wrong with this one.


  • Great cord length
  • The multi-color screen has excellent visibility
  • Easy to figure out


  • The camera head can be improved
  • The model can be a bit bulky

Best Sewer camera inspection- IHBUDS Borescope Sewer Camera

  • Item Dimensions : 15 x 10.2 x 5.5 inches
  • Video Capture Resolution : 720p
  • Night Vision Range : 100 Feet
  • Battery Capacity : 4500mAh
  • SD Card : 8GB Included

If you are struggling with pipelines that have sharp bends and turns and other snake cameras seem to leave the work undone, this might be the perfect fit for you.

This is a product that has incredible flexibility. It can handle even 90-degree bends and it is workable with almost all pipes with a width of 1-8 inches. This pipeline camera would let you inspect the trickiest of problems with ease.

The flexible camera probe is very helpful if you are also intending to use it for professional purposes. It can be fit for industrial plumbing as well. It will make a great addition to your kit for more lightweight plumbing jobs.

To take the theme of industrial use further, let’s talk about its longevity. Many businesses have used and reviewed this product as one of their staples. It is made from sturdy material and comes in a stainless steel case with a reliable lock to keep your unit safe and secure.

It has a powerful battery that supports a full day at work from one full charge. The camera is waterproof. The camera can stay underwater for as long as you need it to be.

It truly makes the job easy for you in every way.

With a little care and attention, this product can be a true staple in your kit and save you a lot of money in the long run.


  • Waterproof camera and screen
  • The long cable can reach hard spots
  • Can navigate sharp turns and bends


  • Can’t make extreme bends in short pipes
  • The camera wire can break if used rashly

Best Sewer inspection- Jaydear Pipe Inspection Camera

  • Fiberglass Length: 100 Ft (30M)
  • Fiberglass Diameter: 0.19 inch (4.8MM)
  • Carrier Material: Stainless Steel

The Jaydear Pipe Inspection camera is a very good option for people who are looking for a standard solution and nothing too fancy.

Jaydear as a brand has gained the credibility and trust of its customers over the years by giving them top-notch customer support and amazing 24/7 service through and through. There’s a huge community of Jaydear users that can give you support and solution if you run into technical issues.

Apart from being a fan favorite, the Jaydear pipe inspection camera also has a feature that helps it be a beginner-friendly device. The video footage is available on the display screen as well as your mobile device if you wish so.

The camera connects to your mobile device through your wifi and gives you a clear image of what’s happening underwater in your sewage system. The IP68 waterproof camera helps with getting the clearest result and solves the trickiest of issues.

To keep the camera secure and protected everything comes with a protector. The camera head has a protective shield. The whole unit also comes with an amazing sturdy cover for keeping your camera and cable in one place and ready to use.

It is designed in a way that makes it suitable for both domestic use and industrial use. If you plan on using it just for your home this is a good fit. If you are a plumber looking to expand your kit, this is a good fit for you as well. It is a truly multi-use diverse product.

With time, it will pay for itself.

Even though it does not have too many bells and whistles, it is still a great standard option to keep in mind.


  • Long bendable cord
  • HD Screen monitor for better display
  • Easy to assemble and use


  • The cable might seem flimsy for heavy use
  • The cable is comparatively shorter than other sewer camera cables

Best Sewer camera inspection- 

Eyoyo Pipeline Sewer Inspection Camera

  • Package Dimensions : 16 x 15 x 7 inches; 12.6 Pounds
  • Batteries : 1 Lithium ion batteries required.
  • SD Card : 8GB
  • Cable Length : 50M/164FT
  • Camera Definition : 1000TVL
  • Monitor Size : 7 INCH

The EYOYO pipeline sewer inspection camera is also a very similar product. There isn’t a whole lot of difference in terms of build and price point. This is just another great option for you if you want a standard, well-to-do sewer camera to identify your pipeline blockages.

The sewer inspection camera has a 7 inch LED HD screen and a great colorful display for easy recognition of any blockages and obstructions. Many people have testified that they have had great results using this product.

It even gives you a clear view of the pipeline to the point where you can even accurately identify tree roots puncturing the pipe shafts and work your way around them to have a clear sewage system in no time.

However, one downside to this product compared to the other ones is that it has comparatively less run time. Even though it has an equally powerful battery, the HD screen makes it lose power at a faster rate.

From one full charge, you will get a work time of 6-8 hours. This is lesser than its market competitors. But what it loses in terms of time, makes up for it with performance.

As a standard sewer camera, this is a great option that has all the basic features along with good build quality.


  • Waterproof camera, screen, and cable
  • Highly flexible spring for camera head
  • Works great for multiple purposes


  • Runtime is lesser than most other sewer cameras
  • The screen takes some time to load

DEPSTECH Dual Lens Inspection Camera

  • Length : 5m / 16.4 FT
  • Camera Diameter : 7.9mm / 0.31 inch
  • Resolution: 1920*1080 (highest) MJPG
  • View Angle : 2*72°
  • Focal Distance:front camera 3-8cm /1.2-3.9in ; side camera 2-6cm / 0.8-2.4in
  • Power Source : 2200mAh

Depstech is a company that promises its users the best products and the best experiences with their camera equipment. They have been designing camera equipment with reliability and authority for about 11 years now.

They have become an industry special name with a lot of authority. Their customers swear by their products.

The Depstech Inspection camera has dual-lens handheld borescope cameras for better viewing. There are cameras mounted on the sides to give you the clearest view of the pipeline. The 5-inch screen also has HD resolution.

This camera has greater resolution and the screen has a better viewing experience than most other options available in the market today. The screen is good enough that you have no need to connect it to your mobile device or wifi.

It is very easy to use for its size. Compared to other bulky sewer cameras this one is very sleek and lightweight. And despite being so lightweight it has great build quality. The material and structure are sturdy enough to help you look through all kinds of sewage systems.

The camera head is also quite flexible. It has a perfect 180-degree turn. It can move through the twists and turns of your pipelines without creating any obstructions. The 5-meter long semi-rigid cables also help it sweep the length of your drain effortlessly.

It comes with two fancy attachment heads. There are one magnet and one hook that will come in handy while removing blocks in your drains or even fishing out lost trinkets in narrow corners.

The camera has different lighting modes for different needs and it is something that can make or break a sewer camera if you think about it. This will make your video footage that much clearer. And this feature lets you go through your pipes at any time of the day.

If you require assistance and community support, this is probably the best option for you.


  • HD Screen and sturdy well-lit display
  • The Plug-n-play feature makes it easy to use
  • No need for any tricky assembly process
  • It is very budget-friendly


  • The screen size is smaller than traditional sewer cameras

Aukfa Sewer Camera with Distance Counter

  • Camera LED light: 12PCS adjustable white LEDS
  • Screen Size: 7 Inch
  • Camera Min Size: 23 mm x 128 mm
  • Cable Length: 30M/100FT
  • Camerawork Current: 4500 Mah
  • Camera Power Supply: DC 12 V

The Aukfa sewer camera is a great product for people trying to solve their sewer issues on their own. It has some unique features that let you solve problems on your own without going into too much hassle.

It has a 100 ft cable to help you navigate through sewage systems as well as cars and underground facilities. It has a highly sprung camera-tipped probe that helps with moving through the pipelines easily.

The camera itself is waterproof and so is the cable. The control box is also waterproof and it helps with gauging the distance. It is a very useful feature when you are trying to locate the block and remove it by yourself.

When you push the line through the pipe, it counts the distance on the screen and lets you know how far you need to reach with your pipe snake to get rid of a certain block or obstruction.

It also has a powerful battery that offers a runtime of up to 8 hours. With heavy use, the run time can be lesser but it will still perform well for shorter spans.

It has a built-in storage of 8GB and you can extend it to 64GB. That is a big advantage in fixing your pipeline issues by yourself. This way you can take the footage, store it, and watch it over and over to identify and solve the problems by yourself.


  • Waterproof cable, display, and camera
  • Long cable reaches far into the pipeline
  • The line is remotely controllable and comes with a portable aluminum case


  • Needs a Sandisk or a thumb drive recorder to record videos
  • Doesn’t have detailed instructions

This is a standard product for beginners and intermediate plumbers and handymen with its easy features and accessibility.

VEVOR 9 Inch WiFi Industrial Pipe Camera System

  • Camera Lens: 140° View Angle
  • Camera Size: 23 * 120mm
  • Light Source: 12 White LED Lights
  • Screen: 9″ TFT
  • Battery Capacity: 4500mAh; 6 hours working

The Vevor Wifi pipe camera system is a full camera kit that helps you scope out the drainage system as well as help you organize a viable solution for your issues.

It comes with a camera, a pipeline, a detachable display, etc. The screen is a 9 inch LED HD display that will give you multi-color images and video footage to locate blockages or obstructions in your drainage system.

The probe cable is 45M long and is highly bendable. It can be bent in pipe twists and turns to get it to the place you need it to be. The camera also has a high spring and a protective shield. The camera and display are all waterproof and sturdy.

The kit has a good-quality case to keep the whole unit secure and safe inside. It is also highly portable and easy to assemble. You don’t need a crew to help you set up your equipment with this kit.

It also has wifi support. It uses your network to connect to your mobile device to help you record videos and store them. It supports both android and iOS usage. It also makes sure you get the most use out of one purchase.

It has a powerful battery that allows it to run for almost six hours from one full charge. However, that is comparatively lesser than its market competition. Nevertheless, it will give you support for one full working day.


  • Powerful battery and bigger display than most other sewer cameras
  • It is easy to use and easy to maintain
  • It is very durable


  • Lesser run time from one full charge
  • The wifi antenna is flimsy

This is a good budget option for those of us that want the experience of a traditional sewer camera system but don’t want to break the bank just yet.

Mophorn Sewer Camera

  • Camera Size: 145mm x 93mm
  • Camera: HD 1200TVL
  • Camera Glass Material: Sapphir Glass
  • View Angle: 360°
  • Camera LED light: 18PCS white LEDS

The mophorn sewer camera is another very standard option to keep in mind for the best sewer cameras in 2021. The kit has a reliable camera, a strong line to lead the camera, and an HD display.

The camera has a flexible lead pipe that lets it move through pipelines easily and navigate long sweeps of drainage systems. It has an IP68 rating. And it stands up to that claim. It works great underwater and gets you clean images to solve your sewage issues.

This kit comes with a rechargeable battery of 45000mah that supports continuous workflow for almost 10 hours. This is by far the longest-running sewer camera system that we have come across. And this feature alone bumps it up on our list of Best Sewer Cameras. 

Another feature that sets it apart from the rest is the rugged cable that it comes with. The 200 ft long sturdy and reliable cable lets you reach places that you won’t be able to reach otherwise.

It also has an auto counting feature. It can clearly measure and let you know the difference it has traveled. This is a very helpful feature when you are trying to unblock a certain pipe or locate where a tree root might have pierced through your pipes. 


  • Very long cord for better reach
  • It is a very multi-purpose kit
  • The battery runs for a long time


  • Pricier than most models

This one is a great no-fuss option to consider if you are looking for a quick solution.

Oiiwak 50FT Industrial Endoscope50FT Dual-Screen Borescope Camera

  • Product Dimensions : 6 x 3.2 x 0.9 inches; 2.2 Pounds
  • Batteries : 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

The Oiiwak 50FT industrial endoscope is another great budget-friendly yet long-running sewer camera. This is best used for domestic purposes.

For features, it comes with a great screen and a handheld camera. It is better designed and has a stinger build quality than most other sewer cameras at this price point.

It has some fun features like 360-degree image flip and as women that will help in identifying smaller objects and minute obstructions in your pipelines. Other than that it is very lightweight and balanced to the point that one-handed operations are very much possible.

The lights are located around the camera to give a halo effect to increase visibility. The snake camera can take very clear and sharp images in very dark sewers.

The size is a great advantage in terms of storage and portability. This is a great option for homeowners who like to DIY solutions to their regular household problems. It is easy to use and easy to maneuver.

Even though it doesn’t have the standout qualities of an industrial endoscope, it can be a great purchase for domestic uses.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • A very budget-friendly option


  • Smaller screen than other traditional sewer cameras
  • Lesser run time than most sewer cameras

Anysun Store Pipe Inspection Camera

  • camera size: 23mm x 120mm, front size:45mm
  • Total Pixels: 1000 TVL HD
  • view angle: 75 degree
  • camera led light: 12PCS white LEDS
  • Cable length: 20/30/40/50 meters

And last but not the least, on our list of the 10 best sewer cameras we have the Anysun store pipe inspection camera. It has all the features you need in a traditional sewer camera kit for both industrial and domestic use at a more affordable price point than most others.

It has the standard 7-inch LED screen for clear viewing of images and

Videos. It has a multi-purpose camera that can be used for wastewaters, sewers, attics, cars, etc.

It also has a powerful lithium-ion battery of 4000mah. This however is lesser than most other sewer camera kit capacities. The lack of run time is covered with its price as it is more affordable than other camera kits such as this one.

It has all the features one can need including a high spring camera probe that can twist easily in a 90-degree bend pipe. It has lights situated all around the camera to get you the clearest image.

It comes with a video recording and storing feature along with an SD card slot in the camera body. The display does a great job at viewing multi-color images to locate even the smallest of obstructions.

This device can be used for both domestic and industrial purposes depending on how you wish to utilize it.


  • Has all the basic features of a bigger traditional sewer camera kit
  • Less expensive than most other options
  • Remote-controlled accessibility


  • Lesser run time than other products of similar price point
  • Comparatively shorter cable

This is a great budget option for anyone looking for the comfort of a traditional sewer camera kit without spending a fortune on one purchase.


  • Has all the basic features of a bigger traditional sewer camera kit
  • Less expensive than most other options
  • Remote-controlled accessibility


  • Lesser run time than other products of similar price point
  • Comparatively shorter cable


If you have read this far, thank you so much for coming along. We have tried our best to keep everything covered regardless of what your criteria might be. There is an option for everyone.

If you go through the products and compare their pros and cons you will surely be able to figure out which is the best sewer camera for you.


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